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28.03.2006 22:51
neue Talente für Magier mit 1.11 Antworten

Hier mal die neuen inoffiziellen Patchnotes 1.11 zum Magier, hab ich auf nem anderem Forum gefunden!

So as I was going through the dumpster outside Tseric's apartment, I ran across the following handwritten notes. They're clearly not a complete listing, but it gives us a good indication of the improvements Blizzard has in store for us in 1.11. Note that the "Fire, Frost, and Arcane" trees have been removed, and replaced with new trees, more fully suited to the direction Blizzard has decided the Mage class should take.

Bakers Dozen
Creates one extra Bread for every 12 summoned.

Buttery Goodness
Your bread causes those who consume it to become greasy, adding 1% to their Chance to Dodge for 20 seconds.

Knuckles of the Kneader
Decreases casting time of "Summon Food" by 50% for 20 seconds.

Yeast Infection
Creates Bread Missles, which can be hurled at opponents. Affected targets suffer -5 agility for 20 seconds.

Creates a small, non-combat Pet that follows the mage, giggling when poked. Pet lasts until dispelled, or 20 seconds, whichever occurs first.

Sesame Seed Buns
Curses target, preventing them from sitting. Duration: 20 seconds.

Ice Water
Tastes better than regular water.

Ice Tea
Refreshes imbiber, adding +5 to agility. For 20 seconds.

Jolt Cola
Summons a six-pack of Jolt Cola. Increases movement speed by 75%, Attack speed by 100%, and Agility by 40. After 20 seconds, player's heart explodes, resulting in instant, permanent death.

Transmute Bread to Water
Allows one stack of bread to be transmuted into one stack of water. 3 day cooldown.

Teleport Water
Allows up to six stacks of water to be teleported into the inventory of another player, anywhere in the world. Removes the inconvenience of having to actually include a Mage in your raid group.

Teleport: Brill (Horde only)
Teleports Mage to the bustling metroplis of Brill. Never get lost trying to find your way out of Undercity again!

Teleport: Ironforge Griff Master Alliance only
Teleports Mage to the Ironforge Griffin Master, thus allowing you to bypass the 30 minutes of lag/falling in to the Trench that you'd otherwise endure when trying to get the hell out of Ironforge.

Portal: Mystery Zone
Creates portal to randomly selected unfinished Instance. NOTE: GM ban may result.

Portal: Nefarian
Creates a portal directly to Nefarian. Only one person may enter portal at a time. Player's weapons and clothing remain behind.

Greater Taxi
Mage transforms into taxi, which may be mounted and ridden by other players. Mage loses all control of his actions, and may not tranform back until rider dismounts. 300% speed increase.

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